Pre-Order - IOIOBox :: Original
Pre-Order - IOIOBox :: Original
Pre-Order - IOIOBox :: Original
Pre-Order - IOIOBox :: Original
Pre-Order - IOIOBox :: Original
Pre-Order - IOIOBox :: Original
Pre-Order - IOIOBox :: Original
Pre-Order - IOIOBox :: Original
Pre-Order - IOIOBox :: Original
Pre-Order - IOIOBox :: Original
Pre-Order - IOIOBox :: Original

Pre-Order - IOIOBox :: Original

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The one and only, the IOIOBox Original. It may be the Original but don’t confuse that for Ordinary. This enclosure was built to last, for an affordable cost, by veteran WISP engineers. It’s got what you need, and nothing else.


Materials and Manufacturing

The IOIOBox is proudly produced with American sourced materials, right here in Oregon. Built with all industrial aluminum, the IOIOBox is durable, making it the ideal enclosure in all types of environments; and it is lightweight, giving you the flexibility of being a one-man crew. This enclosure was engineered to minimize weld points by maximizing bent metal, top that off with heavy grade stainless steel latches and hinges, and we can promise this will be the last enclosure you'll ever have to buy.

1U Rackmounts

Room for 11 standard 19" 1u rackmounts using 10-32 mount points. Mount your switches, routers, POE controllers, servers, and there's still room for more.

Dividing Shelf

A dividing shelf splits the enclosure in two allowing for the separation of necessary equipment. We cut two cable passthrough options, one in front and one in back for easy access to cable feeds.

Oversized Battery Capacity

The lower compartment is designed to hold enough DC batteries to support your entire site through even the longest of power outages. It's separated from the upper compartment for added safety.

Full Service Access

That's right! No more dropping screws in the bottom and performing endless finger pilates to retrieve it. Our doors span the entire surface of the enclosure, swing wide open, and completely detatch to provide easy access on opposite sides.

Weather Proofed

Simply put, weather ain't got jack on this box. Put it anywhere, it'll be fine. We promise.

Customizable Cable Access

The IOIOBox has a 8" x 4" cable port with a completely sealed premium rubber access flap, allowing you to cut your own push-through cable ports for a truly customizable setup.

Ventilation and Cooling

Fully vented with mesh screens to protect from airborne particles and pests. Opt for the PowerVent accessory to have included two 24v DC exhaust fans built-in.

Built-In Grounding Rod

A 1/2" grounding rod built into the enclosure maximizes the possibility of arresting surges of all kinds.

Mounting and Security

Designed with "through" feet IOIOBox provides multiple options to weigh down, chain, or otherwise secure the enclosure. These feet have four holes for easy mounting to concrete pads or even casters. Your techs will love it with padlock-able latches there's no new set of keys to track.

Now Wall/Pole/Tower Mountable

Available separately, the Wall and Pole mount accessory is designed to accept a large array of configurations, including steel straps, u-bolts, and lags. See datasheet for more details. Compatible with both IOIOBox Original and IOIOBox Bantam (Not compatible with the Rev1 Original IOIOBox)

Optional Din Rail

Now on our 3rd Revision, the IOIOBox Original and Bantam's have an option to add a DIN rail to the inside wall, just behind the rackmount. Perfect for those one-off DIN accessories.

Designed to Allow Modification

The IOIOBox comes standard ready to use but was also designed to easily accept modifications to accommodate your unique needs. Anything from power bulkheads, AC Unit, Heater, Insulation, etc, etc.  And being made from aluminum rather than steel, drilling and cutting your modifications is a cinch.

It Fits... No Matter Your Industry

The IOIOBox was initially designed with the WISP industry in mind. Throughout our research, however, we saw the lack of versatile indoor/outdoor enclosures on the market across the board. All of us deserve better. So, throughout development we kept in mind all possible uses to bring you the IOIOBox we have today, fit for us all.

WISP, ISP, Telecommunication, Audio, Traffic Control, Solar, Disaster Relief & Recovery, Irrigation/Sprinkler, Building Automation, Stage/Set Design, Agriculture, Industrial PLC, Outdoorsman/Huntsman, Triage / Emergency Services


Does your project call for a more specific color box? We now offer a variety of colors to put the right finish on your enclosure. Chat in for color swatches currently available.

Volume discounts available at 5+ and 10+ quantities, chat with us for details.

Custom IOIOBox: Love the box but need a few changes? No sweat, we offer custom designed IOIOBoxes with a minimum order of 10 units. Call or chat for details.