Come check out the newest IOIOBox addition, Athos; the pinnacle of modularity and functionality.


Welcome to the industries first custom enclosure marketplace! 

We here at IOIOBox have a long history of creating some of the industries most influential designs when it comes to weatherproof enclosures. We're now making this expertise readily available to our customers with The Custom Marketplace. 

Just tell us what you want, and we'll deliver in as little as five weeks! We take care of all the complexities of fabrication, from sourcing materials, to enlisting the worlds top talent. After a quick chat, there's not much for you to do but sit back and await delivery. 

When ordering at least ten enclosures, we're able to bring costs down to an incredibly competitive price; often within range of our stock enclosures! Need more than ten, your savings just got bigger. Need less than ten, not a problem, we have no minimums

It all starts with a simple phone call, quick and fun, where we get to know what you're looking for in an enclosure. We have most likely been in your shoes and understand your needs with little effort on your part. With just one discussion, we can turn-key your ideas and needs into the enclosure of your dreams. We make this process simple, fast, affordable, and enjoyable. If you dream of cabinets not yet made, drop us a line, we would truly love to help.

Give us a call 971-339-4600 or chat to get started!

"What a refreshing change from previous experiences with less capable companies."


"Accurate and precise 2D and 3D drawings that hit the nail on the head first try. "

"Blindingly fast turnaround. You guys got this down!"


"The drawing and 3D Model is a thing of beauty!"