Come check out the newest IOIOBox addition, Athos; the pinnacle of modularity and functionality.

The IOIOBox Mindset

IOIOBox has always had quality of product as our number one priority. However, this priority was shared with the promise that the highest quality product would not come at a compromise to our community, or our environment. 

We've spent years establishing partnerships with those who share our same goals, and sourcing sustainable materials where-ever possible. From carriers that utilize electric fleets, to restoring our 1982 warehouse to be energy efficient, reducing our negative impact on this world allows us to truly make a positive impact. 

We're responsible for more than just our product. All IOIOBox packaging is eco-friendly and completely plastic free; right down to the paper tape. We encourage our customers to recycle all IOIOBox packaging materials. 

Our commitment doesn't stop at the door, we've been carbon offsetting every IOIOBox freight and parcel shipment since day one, and we have no intention of stopping. For every IOIOBox shipment that leaves our docks, the needed amount of trees are being planted to offset all CO2 emissions; supporting reforestation across the United States that promotes clean air, clean water, and the prosperity of biodiversity. Let's keep doing business while keeping things green, shall we.

With all this, there is a reason why we've got the industry's most comprehensive and longest warranty; we're working towards a very long and prosperous future for everyone - in more ways than one!